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You can count on us to work closely with you to help find the best mortgage to suit you.
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Insuring you and your family

Choosing the right products can be tricky and time consuming. We’re here to give you expert advice. Read more about insurance


Do you have a will in place? Make sure your estate goes to the person you intended.
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Maywood Mortgages

Thank you for solving the Rubik’s cube of our mortgages!

Hilary and Gavin

Mortgage customers

Dear Leeson, Wow how much fun and how easy did you make getting life insurance and funeral policies for us? Thank you so much. Not only have you ensured that we have sufficient cover in place should the worst happen your wisdom, knowledge and expertise in setting up a trust fund for this is so reassuring. You’re quite simply ace.

Tiffany Spalding

Insurance customer

I hadn’t really thought about writing a will – I’m only 35. But actually I have a house and baby on the way. Leeson really helped me nail down the details and it has given me such peace of mind. It only took an hour or so and I am so glad I did it.

Will customer

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